Simplifying Music & Movies

CDs and DVDs are the first of 25+ categories of miscellaneous STUFF you will find around your home.  Just when I think I’ve come so far…there’s so many more categories to get through!

Once again, I must admit that in my previous purge, I got rid of a lot of CDs and nearly all my CD cases.  But I really didn’t spend much time going through them, and certainly not armed with the rule that things I keep must spark joy.  Before that…I hadn’t even thought about my music collection since college.  I can’t remember ever purging my movie collection.

Anyways, I did what I always do to start…put everything in a pile on the floor.  Not

cds and dvds
Stacks upon stacks of movies and music plus adorable, curious Violet the kitty.
pictured: another full CD case that I forgot about until after I was “done”.

Luckily, I did this on the first snowy day of the year here in GA (ugh) so husband was around to help me NOT throw away movies he wanted to keep.  I have to be very careful of and respectful of his things.  In my simplification-induced glee, I am all too happy to chuck things that he would want to keep.  So rude, I know. BUT I AM VERY DETERMINED TO INCLUDE HIM in this process as much as he can tolerate.

Anyway…this category is interesting.  To me, it was tempting (yet scary) to just get rid of most of it, because SO MUCH of these things are available to me digitally.

Between Netflix and Hulu, how many of the movies I own are available at the push of a button?  Will they always be there?  I don’t know.  I tried not to let this influence my

DVD discard pile
DVD discard pile
decisions, but it was hard.  I ended up with a few different piles: definite joy-sparkers/favorites, definite give-aways and “I’m so confused.”  I am not sure why movies were so hard.  I guess because I could easily see myself deciding to get rid of something, and then REALLY want to watch it the next time I’m stuck in bed with a cold and cursing my over-zealous self.

Honestly, when we were done, I thought that we had kept too many, even though our discard pile looked fairly impressive.  Imagine my utter glee when I started re-stocking our DVD cabinet and found that what we both decided to keep fit PERFECTLY into the space-we can now open

DVDs kept
Movies kept and fitting perfectly in our cabinet!
it and see every DVD title without having to move anything around.  In all honesty, it still seems like we kept too much and I suspect I may revisit some of these choices at some point.  But for now: we reduced by close to half.  Not too shabby.

CDs were a different beast.  Very different. First of all, husband and I are basically polar opposites when it comes to CDs.  He has these giant cases that he neatly organizes…he keeps the little booklet with each CD.  He has spent HOURS organizing them, and carefully deciding which CDs get imported into his iTunes with higher sound quality than others. Bless.  I love this man. It’s clear to me that his CD collection sparks joy in him.

And therein lies the most important tidbit gained from this tidying session.  Perhaps just more of a reminder to me that my path is my own and no one else’s.  While husband and I’s paths necessarily converge and often run smoothly side by side, we each naturally take our own little detours from each other. And it’s so important to respect those God-given little things that make us unique.

I, on the other hand, decided to keep only enough CDs to fit in one CD case that I keep in my car.  Each thing I kept had to spark joy.  Everything else went in the trash (I realized I

CDs kept
What I kept!
apparently have a terrible habit of NEVER putting the correct CD in its case).

I also discovered a handful of books on CD in my car when I made my initial pile of stuff.  Even though they are technically CDs, I evaluated them in the same way I did books.  I got rid of titles that I had already listened to, but no longer reflected the type of person that I want to be.

All I kept was one book on CD, my one zippered case of CDs, and my brother’s 2 CDs. He is amazing and I am proud of him, and thus his CDs (when not in my CD player in the car) deserve to live in their proper cases.  Full disclosure: I still have an embarrassing number of Celine Dion CDs. Like, all of them.  Eh, well!

Next up: OFFICE SUPPLIES!  (Heaven help me-throwing away PENS will be harder than clothing.)