Sarah Beth Art Studio!

If you know me, you know I’ve been learning to paint for several years now. It all started because my former college roommate (and one of my favorite humans ever!) invited me to take an adult art class with her.

My happy little art space.

Since then, I’ve grown to love painting with acrylics (and I’ve been playing with watercolors lately, too). There’s nothing quite like getting lost in your work. Everything else kind of fades away and you’re forced to be present with what you’re doing. Like most things, it can be frustrating – but what a great feeling when you finish!

I bought my own set of supplies awhile back, but only in the past several months did I actually create a dedicated space in my house to paint. It’s only a little nook in our (shared) home office, but I love it!

A couple years ago, I created an Etsy shop, thinking I might want to try and sell my work some day – but I never really did anything with it. UNTIL NOW.

I’m excited to say that I finally finished setting up shop, and Sarah Beth Art Studio is now open for business! 

I’d be honored if you stop by and check it out:

Here are some past pieces I’ve got hanging in my house…and a couple I’ve painted and given away to friends.




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