A Note About Sentimental Items..


Lest you think me heartless and mean, I must impart some KonMari wisdom before I post about my Sentimental Item tidying sessions.  First, remember (and respect!) that different people have different levels of sentimentality about different things.  Something that you’d keep forever may not be something I keep forever and vice versa.

Equally important is to remember that just because you (or I) decide to part with something doesn’t mean that it didn’t or doesn’t mean a great deal to us.  During this

let go
Photo: Landrum, SC

journey, I’ve realized that I held onto some things for YEARS without a thought-simply because no one had ever given me “permission” to let them go.  I know that sounds strange, but reading about minimalism and simplification and tidying for joy has helped me realize that even everything I discarded gave me joy at some point or another.

Some of these sentimental items were among my most treasured possessions at one time. Now, things are different.  I’m different.  Many things that meant so much at the time just don’t feel the same.  And it is perfectly fine to be thankful for the joy and meaning it brought to your life, but be honest that it no longer has the same effect today. It brought you joy for a moment or many moments in the past-that is enough.

It’s OK to let things go. I personally believe it can be incredibly healthy and refreshing to do so.  And of course, we all have the freedom to decide for ourselves which sentimental items still spark joy in our hearts and keep them proudly.

Once again, this process will look different for different people.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way….stay tuned for the real deal!



3 thoughts on “A Note About Sentimental Items..

  1. That is one if the msin kessind I learned from the book, and I have let go of things that I’ve been dragging from house to house for years. And I’m okay with it. I get rid of stuff all the time, I’m the opposite of a hoarder and I do it for therapy, but this book made me look at what I’ve been keeping. I kept mementos of things that hurt me. I kept mememtoes of things I no longer do just to prove I once did them? I kept gifts I received but never wanted (I learned that from my mother) but it’s okay to let them go. I can feel goid that domeone gave me something without having to keep it forever. And hey, I’m not even up yo the mementos category! But I brlieve that when you keep too much sentimental stuff it nit pnly begins to lack meaning, it becomes annoying, and can give off negative energy. Looking forward to your posts.


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