I’m In The Home Stretch!

I cannot believe I am almost done going through every category of “stuff” in our home. It’s exhilarating!  And making me more and more excited to finish.  Today, I will cover:

  • Laundry Supplies
  • Miscellaneous Bathroom Items
  • Cleaning Supplies
  • Light Bulbs

I did most of this on the same afternoon.  I highly recommend going through these categories on a house-cleaning day, which I did!

Laundry supplies are self-explanatory and I don’t keep any laundry supplies anywhere but the laundry room.  And around late summer/early fall last year, Husband and I (with some help from my Dad!) tackled a laundry room makeover.  I painted and stenciled a wall (and a curtain to cover up the ugly water heater).  Husband and my Dad hung up a wall cabinet, shelves and some hooks for our ironing board.  Thus, laundry tidying was mostly complete, but I did find a few items in the cabinet that were no longer of use and chucked them.  In any case, here’s the laundry room after the remodel and tidying, and a peek inside the cabinet.  I LOOOOOOVE being in this room now, even to scoop kitty poo.


Initially, after tackling cosmetics and toiletries (and honestly, candles) I was all “What is even left that would fall under miscellaneous bathroom items?”  But I realized I wasn’t sure what was under the guest room sink.  And any other “bathroom decor” like decorative vases or trinkets would be part of this category, too.

THEN I spied the grossly old, exceedingly crusty toilet bowl cleaner brush, toilet bathroom new toilet brushplunger, and rusted-out shower caddy in our master bathroom.  It was pretty much a no-brainer to trash those things.  This is one case recently where I was THRILLED to go out and purchase non-crusty, non-10-year-old items for our bathroom.  I think the toilet is happier now.  I had no idea they made fancy-looking, nicely hidden toilet bowl brushes.  Thanks, HomeGoods!  🙂

Under the guest bathroom sink, there is nothing but a toilet bowl brush, extra toilet paper, and a basket of bathroom guesttoiletries for guests.  I moved/discarded a few trinkets in that bathroom as well. Hello, easier cleaning!

The downstairs powder room required no real work on this day.  (Although I did have a bottle of Febreeze under that sink that now lives under the kitchen sink with the rest of the cleaning supplies!)



Which of course brings me to: cleaning supplies.  I gathered all of those things in a pile.

We don’t have a “utility closet” so cleaning stuff was all over the house.  Under Husband’s sink in our bathroom, under the kitchen sink, in our linen closet, the guest bedroom closet, the laundry room, the downstairs coat closet….seriously everywhere.  I somehow had two bottles of Febreeze; one that smelled acceptable, and another that smelled gross and also looked like it came from the early 90’s.  How this came to be in my possession, I will never know.

I threw away two cleaning supplies organizedbottles of stuff that smelled disgusting and arranged the rest under the kitchen sink.  The only cleaners that are NOT pictured here are pet stain cleaners.  I did not include them in this session because my next category is Pet Supplies. Also, I have 3 bottles of pet stain cleaner and believe me when I say I need all 3. They live in the laundry room cabinet.

As for my vacuum/swiffer collection…previously, I kept each of these items in different places. But the cardinal rule of storage is to store similar things together because it’s easier to find what you’re looking for that way.  I’d like for each of these things to live in the downstairs coat closet, but the floor in there has become where Husband’s shoes live. I shoved everything in there, but it’s still a work in progress.

I threw light bulbs into this post because they don’t seem to fit in any other category of stuff in “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up.” We had several lamps with bulbs out, so I finally replaced all of those.  We donated a couple packages of light bulbs that don’t fit things in our home.  The rest live in one box, on a high shelf in a kitchen cabinet.

And that’s it for this session!  I love the feeling of working hard then relaxing in a thoroughly cleaned house.  I am very thankful that I am able (both physically and time-wise) to spend an entire afternoon cleaning.  It’s so satisfying to welcome Husband home from work into a space that is well-kept and smells good.  Plus, I never want anyone to walk into our house and smell that we have 3 animals.  If you ever come over and smell animals, please tell me!  I promise I won’t be offended.  I’ll just clean more.  On that note, the next category on my list is: PET SUPPLIES!

Until then,



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