It’s Christmas in February!

The next category of stuff on the tidying list is “Seasonal Items.” For us, that just means all our Christmas decorations and my beach umbrella. Which are both equally strange to behold at the end of February.

It would have been FANTASTIC (and smart) to go through all the Christmas stuff before hauling it back to the attic at the beginning of this year, but alas.  I wasn’t ready yet! Plus, this session inspired me to get EVERYTHING out of the attic and find a home for it. There wasn’t a ton of stuff besides Christmas things in the attic, but what was left belonged to Husband and some of it (for shame) fell into categories I’d already been through.

I was pleased to find that each of the items he wanted to keep from the attic already had a perfect home that made sense given all the tidying and organizing we’ve done.

Now, there is exactly ONE storage tub in the attic, and in it lives a bunch of Husband’s musical-related items. It also weighs approximately 1,000 lbs. So I couldn’t even get it down, and he wasn’t ready to look through it yet.

But I digress. So Christmas stuff. A few years ago, Husband and I bought a skinny little

seasonal before
Not pictured: the Christmas tree box.  But it was there!

6.5ft fake Christmas tree. I love it. I love the smell of a real tree, but I ain’t about that mess though. (Plus I kill them because cannot be trusted to water them. Just like every other plant.)

You know the drill by now…everything went in a pile.

I knew I was keeping the Christmas tree. Aside from that, we had 3 plastic storage tubs, a box and a large bag housing all our Christmas decor.

Now that we have the skinny tree, I’ve only been putting my favorite and most meaningful ornaments on the tree.

seasonal donation
Donation pile…Merry Christmas, someone!

So I had a lot of ornaments to get rid of. And by a lot…I basically mean one giant container of ball ornaments that couldn’t possibly all fit on the tree. (I kept 4 silver glittery ones because, joy). We also have a huge nativity set that a former friend of my Mom’s gave to me. I’ve never really had anywhere to put it. It’s nice and all, but I figured someone else would get a lot more joy out of it than I will.


I am pleased to report that everything I kept fit in just two of the storage tubs (plus the tree in its box). We decided that said storage tubs would no longer live up in the attic as it is a HUGE pain to get things in and out of there.

seasonal keep
Kept, Sparkly Christmas Joy!

I decided to house them in our guest room closet which is HUGE.  It currently contains all of Husband’s many musical instruments (and one of my own!). I also keep pet carriers/crates for our menagerie of animals, our large vacuum, my wedding dress and a fan for guests in that closet. Deciding to keep Christmas stuff in there essentially forced me to organize it, which was fantastic.

seasonal storage
Off the floor, but easily accessible.  Yay!

It’s still a bit of a work in progress, although now everything in there that we might use regularly is easy to get to. I’d like to move some of the things in there to different homes (I haven’t tidied cleaning supplies or pet supplies yet!) and Husband will need some time to go through all his music stuff (plus the lonely 1000 lb bin still in the attic).

This was a tiring day, but very worth it as these sessions always are.  How blessed we are to openly celebrate Christ on Christmas and all year.  This is a luxury not found in MANY, MANY places around the world.  Just another of the countless reasons I’m thankful for this country and the freedoms we enjoy.

Next up is a BIG one: Kitchen stuff.

Until next time,




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