Unprepared for the Apocalypse? You’re Not Alone.

Today’s tidying agenda:

  • Emergency Supplies
  • Rain Gear
  • GAMES!

“Emergency Supplies” was defined as flashlights and survival kits in “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up”.  We have 3 flashlights and exactly NO survival kits.  You guys, I don’t even know what would be in a “survival kit.”  Freeze dried astronaut food?  MORE flashlights?  Flares?  A CB radio?  Clearly we are not prepared for the apocalypse.

Our “rain gear” consists of one umbrella for each of us.  We have no galoshes, or ponchos, or any other thing that will help anyone in case of a monsoon.

If there’s a disaster, don’t come here.  Unless you want to play games by candlelight. I kept a lot of candles.  And we have games.

Games were pretty simple to clear out and give away because we didn’t have many to begin with.  I kept favorites and let go of what we weren’t using.  Before and after below:

games before


games kept

Once again, the items kept fit perfectly with room to spare into the cabinet that houses games and DVDs.  And of course, I had a nice little container of items to donate for someone who will get more use out of them than I.

I never used to be a big fan of games, but now I really enjoy them.  Especially when our game-geek friends/family come over to play and teach us fun new games.  (I’m looking at you, Ryan/Bethany and Matt/Megan!)

I feel as though this newfound game-joy started around the time Husband and I got rid of cable.  We still watch TV, but mostly now we’re tuning in to specific shows that we really love.  It’s much more intentional, which is fantastic.  It’s also much more fulfilling in a way-we’ve cleared away TV clutter in order to ONLY watch shows we really love, OR do something else like play games with friends.  I used to LOVE zoning out in front of the TV. And I guess I still do from time to time, but these days, I’d much rather chat over dinner (and wine!) or play games when people come over.  I suppose this is all a part of my desire to interact more intentionally with people and less with screens.

Now, who wants to come over and talk to me and play games?!?!?




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