Crafty Crafts & Fluffy Things

Today I tackle art and crafting supplies and toys-random, I know.

I added arts & crafts supplies as a category (maybe this is my “sewing kit” category!), but it’s kind of a hybrid of the office supply category, too.  I came across some crafts stuff (stick on letters, scrap booking type papers) as I was cleaning out office supplies, and I took care of that stuff then.  But I also had scraps of fabric, and some leftovers from making hanging pots of fake flowers for our front porch.  AND I paint, so I have a good bit of painting supplies as well.

Honestly, this “category” was pretty easy.  I trashed the fabrics I didn’t love, and any scrap

fabric kept
Fabric scraps I kept!

booking items that didn’t spark joy.  The fabric I kept lives in our master linen closet, since there’s plenty of shelf space open in there now.  Scrap book items and miscellaneous craft stuff (like my one giant flower stencil) live in the office supply cabinet under the printer.

I didn’t get rid of any of my painting supplies-I haven’t been “collecting” them that long to begin with!  Most of the painting supplies I have are relatively new; I haven’t been painting on my own for much more than a year at this point.

art station
All of this brings me joy.  🙂

PLUS, I am planning to ramp up my art endeavors in the near future which I will be excited to share here when the time is right.  🙂

So, one of the next categories is “stuffed toys.”  I just called it “toys.”  While Husband and I do not have any kids just yet, we DO have a highly adorable niece and nephew that come over from time to time.  We have a little fabric storage cube of toys for them to play with.  I also had a giant tub/storage container filled with stuffed animals I’d kept over the years. There were no throwaways from the downstairs toy bin, but there were some stuffed animals in there. I gathered those and made a pile.

I can’t really explain why this was so hard for me.  But at the risk of sounding certifiably insane, I will attempt it.  Ever since I was a kid, I just….have always looooooved stuffed animals.  If I ever dropped one, I felt mean. If my brother ever threw one at me, I felt worse for the stuffed animal than myself.  Weird, I know.  And yes, I realize that these are not LIVE animals.  NONETHELESS, it was hard to look them in their tiny little eyes and be all, “BYE, YOU’RE OUT OF HERE, CUTE FURRY THING.”

I am happy to say, however, that I persevered.  After staring at the pile for *quite* some

stuffed animals kept
The lucky survivors!

time, I actually plucked out the ones that sparked joy REALLY quickly.  Judge me all you want for the stuffed banana, but that has survived like 4 moves AND HE STAYS. ESPECIALLY after I threw it across the room for my little Pomeranian; she bounced off after it and happily trotted back to me holding it in her mouth like a ginormous yellow smile. *SQUEAL*

One of the many perks of this process has been freeing up storage spaces.  We have a basket with a lid downstairs that I absolutely LOVE. But it’s empty now, because the things that live in it either didn’t make the cut, or live elsewhere.  And I know I shouldn’t be surprised at this, BUT, all the toys from our little toy box, plus all these stuffed animals fit perfectly in there.  Now, when my niece and nephew come over (or any other children for that matter!), everything they might want to play with is in one spot, easily accessible.  CHEERS.

One last stuffed animal note: I had a favorite stuffed animal growing up.  It is a stuffed white cat.  Rather predictably, I called it “big white kitty,” BIGGIE for short, and I (no joke) dressed up as it for Halloween for 2 or 3 years in a row.  This thing is RATTY, ya’ll.  It is threadbare in places, and I’m 99% sure the

stuffed animal sentimental
I even made up a song about this cat.

tail fell off at one point.  My Mom re-stuffed it and sewed the tail back on.  I almost let it go, but I couldn’t.  I’m not sure I could say that it definitely sparks joy, but it DOES spark a certain sentimentality.  And like my blankie from when I was little-I decided to keep good ‘ol Biggie.


Next time, I will be stuck out in the garage sifting through tools and crap.  I can’t say I’m looking forward to that one, but it desperately needs to be done! Thankfully, Husband has agreed to let me take him captive for this session. Lucky him. 🙂

Until Then,




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