Various, Joyous Miscellany

You guys, there are 20-something tidying categories under the heading “Miscellaneous” in “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up”.  I’ve noticed that there are a few that don’t really apply to much in our home, and I’ve noticed a few that are missing.  Still others were categories I’d already spent a good bit of time cleaning out last year.  So I’m going to be consolidating most of what’s left as I blog through all of this.

SO, this time, I’m covering:

  • Sewing kits
  • Valuables
  • Collectibles
  • Linen & Bedding
  • Towels

People in Japan must do A LOT more sewing than I do because it never would have crossed my mind to make a category specifically for “sewing kits”.  Nonetheless, I had two.  I also found A LOT of buttons.

sewing kits
I found a ton more buttons after this.  the little sewing kit on the right is what I kept.

I donated one of the sewing kits, threw out all the buttons and kept a tiny sewing kit.  (Even though I have used a sewing kit a total of ZERO times.)  Eh, well!  At least I have one.  I might also point out that my mother can sew her brains out…perhaps another reason I’ve been too spoiled to need to sew on my own!  I suppose this would make sense as a category for anyone who actually sews.  🙂

Next up was valuables, like wallets, money (including checks and credit cards and gift cards and coupons) and passports.  We do not have like…wallets and money laying around.  Unless you count our jar of change, which, I guess I should because that sucker has like $35 in it or something!  Husband and I each have only one wallet.  Anyways, I had already done a lot of coupon organizing when I went through papers.  This session basically consisted of me cleaning out my purses and throwing away old credit cards and receipts and stuff. Everything went into our safe except items we’re actively using in our wallets, current coupons and our money jar.  Pretty boring.  I didn’t take pictures. Because it was boring.

Originally, I thought the collectibles category was a bust.

rocks kept
Who wants this donation pile?!

But then I remembered my rock collection. After trashing everything that was just, well, a plain looking rock, I was left with a few shiny things that didn’t seem like trashcan material.  But now I’m stuck.  Can you donate rocks to Goodwill?????  Ima try.

The final category for this post is linens, bedding and towels.  I did a MAJOR overhaul on our two linen closets last year.  But I still got rid of a lot (mostly towels) and reorganized a little bit.  I must confess that I did NOT make a pile to begin this category. This prompted Husband to accuse me of getting lazy.  IN MY DEFENSE, we keep these items in only TWO places in the house, so they’re all practically together anyways.  AND I felt like I already had a good handle how much we had, mostly because of all the purging I’d already done.  Below, my finished linen closets.

linens master  linens guest

The master bedroom linen closet is getting kinda empty, and I love it.  I decided last year that I don’t need more than 3 sheet sets for our bed…in fact, 2 would suffice.  But I kept 3 because they all bring me joy.  And 6 towels is also probably too many for 2 people, but husband and I have very different requirements when it comes to towels, so it is what it is right now!

The guest room linen closet obviously has more stuff in it, but it includes beach towels and spare comforters.  I am pretty pleased with how this turned out.  Looking at these pictures together, it still seems like a lot of stuff, but it feels good to me at the moment.

linens donateThe donation box was of course still stuffed and overflowing. And most of this came from the guest room linen closet since ours was already whittled down quite a bit.

As I go through all these categories of things, I’ve been surprised how much I held onto over the years. I’ve never looked at my things as critically as I am now.   I still had towels that my parents probably bought 20 years ago, for crying out loud! It’s like it’s taken me until the ripe age of 33 to realize that I am FULLY an adult, and I no longer need to hang onto every hand me down like I did when I first moved out on my own.

And once again, looking at my pictures, I’m thinking about how much I still have.  The joy test has been so helpful as I purge.  But I have a feeling that there may still be more to come.

I’ve talked a lot about pushing myself and maybe even getting a little uncomfortable.  And I’ve certainly done some of that, but I know I can do more.  The reality is, I could probably get rid of 5-6 more towels and not even miss them.  I’d still have plenty for us AND for guests. That’s the most eye opening thing about this process as a whole as I look back. Every time a HUGE pile goes out the door for donation, I almost immediately forget what went. And I always, always, still have PLENTY.  Not just enough, PLENTY.  So I’m constantly asking myself, “What more can I give, what more can I give?”

For now, I’ll keep trucking through my remaining categories, looking for joy and finding it (plus many more heaping doses of gratitude).

Until next time,



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