Keeping an Eternal Perspective

One of the things I think a lot about as I reduce the amount of things in our home is eternity.

I remember years ago, a series Louie Giglio did called something like “Living as if Heaven is Your Great Reward.”  While I cannot recall specifics from the nights he spoke about this topic, it always stuck with me. And these days, I think I’m finally scratching the surface of what it means to live life in light of the reality of Heaven.

Anna R. Brown Lindsay said, “We may let go all things which we cannot carry into the

let go of things
Photo taken in Isle of Palms, SC

eternal life.”  What a timely sentiment as I seek to let go of worldly possessions.  The reality is, no matter how much wealth or how many things we amass on this earth, they will not accompany us to our coffins and/or to the hereafter.

People rightly strive to have the basics needed to live, and it’s OK to have things that you want too, but there IS a point where buying more or getting more will no longer satisfy whatever it is you’re longing for. That point may look different for different people, but I believe it is something worth really, honestly exploring in your own life.

Even if you don’t believe in Heaven or anything after death, why not think about how much “stuff” the people you leave behind on this earth will have to deal with?  This is not a pleasant thought, but it honestly is one that I think about as I tidy and de-clutter and vow to remain vigilant about how much stuff we let enter our home.  I don’t want to pass away some day and leave a mansion and a storage unit filled with STUFF for my loved ones to deal with.  I’d much rather pass on things that I truly cherished, found joy in, or that meant something to me or to our family.  This kind of thinking gets us outside of ourselves, thus I think it’s important to consider as we decide how much space and how many things we really require to live.

Keeping an eternal perspective keeps you grounded; keeps you focused on what really matters in life.  In the end, it will not matter what car I drove, or what my house looked

obey god help people
Photo taken in Highlands, NC

like, or what I wore today.  Those things will pass away.  What will matter is whether or not I made other people feel loved in the time I had here.  In one of her many books, Joyce Meyer wrote that while Jesus was here on earth,  “He focused on obeying God and helping people.”  We would do well to follow that example as best we can.

And let us remember that God takes us all on our own paths; we each have the opportunity to have our own special and rich relationship with Him.  The things He asks of me probably will not be the things He asks of you.  You have unique talents that I do not possess and vice versa.  And I believe that nothing will make us more content on this earth than putting our relationship with God first, obeying what He leads us to do, and loving people.  I hope at the end of the day, He will tell me I did well with these things.

Until next time,


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