Tidying up Toiletries

I was looking forward to tidying up my skincare products and cosmetics.  Mostly because this was another thing I tackled last year (and threw away SO MUCH) and I was excited to see how it would be different with a different approach.  As for makeup…I basically had nothing to get rid of there.  The last time I went through makeup, I got rid of everythingtoiletries pile that was old, not worn, and didn’t fit in a tray I kept in a bathroom drawer.  But I still put it in the pile, thinking there would be at least one thing I could toss. Nail polish and nail accessories were a different story.

I made my pile and got to work, right on the bathroom floor.

I’m pale, you guys.  I seriously need the highest SPF in the world.  We’re talking 75+.  And yet in my 5-6 bottles of sunscreen, 2-3 were 50 or lower.  BYEEEEEE!  Into the trash.

Overall, this category went pretty smoothly.  I tossed old things, and things I don’t or won’t use; which of course didn’t spark joy.  (I’m looking at you, bath products!)  I’m not toiletries trasha fan of taking baths.  Maybe a future me will love them, but current me had no use for bath bombs or weird smelling bath salts or bath fizzy things or any such item.

Considering that there is almost no storage in our master bathroom, I was (again) surprised that I literally had an entire trash bag full of trash at the end of this one.  I mean….it almost looks like I threw out EVERYTHING in the original picture!

One thing I did that helps storage space A LOT is taking things out of boxes.  Stacking face cleansing cloths made a lot more sense than keeping the giant Costco box of them. (Probably another reason the trash bag looks so full).

I was highly pleased with the outcome of this session.  My biggest accomplishment was being able to store all my nail polish and accessories in a rectangle basket with a lid under the sink. They used to live on this little storage cart with open shelves next to my sink.  I cannot express to you how gross these open shelves were when I took everything off oftoiletries organized them.  There was at least an inch of dust and hair.  And I’m sorry, but at no point when I’m cleaning the house am I interested in taking A BUNCH OF TINY BOTTLES OF NAIL POLISH off of this shelf and wiping it down. So suffice to say it was gross, but it is now clean.  (My hairdryer lives on that little shelf and I will be more than happy to lift that up and wipe it down whilst cleaning.)

I ended up with one basket of toiletries, a closed basket of nail polish items, one miscellaneous plastic bin (with things like bathroom trash bags and extra makeup applicators) and my travel toiletries bag.  I was able to make use of a cute little Kate Spade jewelry bag that now houses the little salt packets for my Neti Pot, rather than keeping them in a large box.

As I said, makeup was easy, but I still chucked a couple items and rearranged everythingmakeup organized back in my bathroom drawer.

I cannot even believe this (and neither will people who know me) but on the day I did cosmetics I forgot to include lip gloss.  I’ve been obsessed with and collecting lip gloss since I was a child.  Thanks to a random allergy a couple years back that caused me to have huge, swollen, crusty, duck-face lips FOR DAYS, I am very gun shy when it comes to lip gloss now.  I tossed most of them back then.  But I lip gloss keptgathered what was in my drawer when I remembered, and chucked about half of what I still had.  I keep the rest in a small box in my nightstand, and I have a couple that live in my purse and gym bag.

And as I’m typing this, I’m thinking….I definitely should have emptied my purse for this session.  I probably have old stuff in a little cosmetics bag in my purse that needs to be dealt with, and I hereby vow to do that even if I do not chronicle it here. (Again, this shows the importance of gathering EVERY. THING. in each category all at once–no other way to know how much you have.)

I think reflecting on this session is a little sobering, like the electronics category.  Mostly because I still had so much of this stuff to throw away; and things like fancy hair care products and TVs are LUXURIES for sure.  None of these things are “necessities” globally speaking, and yet I had enough to generate a full trash bag and still keep everything in these pictures.

I must admit: as I move forward with this process and reflect on each session, I find that I am not using my own personal joy as the sole deciding factor.  While I’m not holding onto things that I don’t love, I’m also dedicated to finding an amount of things in each category that doesn’t feel like gross excess to me.  I don’t think I’ve reached that point yet in every category.  But when I’m done with this whole process, I will at least have a much clearer idea of exactly what we own and where everything is.

From there, the minimalist in me will have the chance to either approve of what I’ve done, or grow and change and decide there’s more still to let go of.  Perhaps there will ALWAYS be more to let go of.  It’s very possible that what is considered excess to someone who is VERY minimalist might feel a little uncomfortable to me.  But I want to be open enough to embrace those changes if I feel led in that direction.  I can’t see how this exercise will do anything but prepare me well for those challenges.  After all, people with less are oftentimes the people who know more naturally and intimately that Jesus is everything.

Until next time,



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