Simplify and Discover Purpose

One of the many captivating and alluring concepts I came across while reading up on minimalism, simplicity and tidying is this idea that as the stuff goes out, you begin to discover things.

find things that really matter
Another fantastic quote borrowed from the fabulous Joshua Becker of Becoming Minimalist

Long-lost passions and hobbies, less time spent cleaning and organizing, more time for other things, discovering what’s most important in life and even your life’s purpose.

I began de-cluttering and tidying well before I had the notion to begin blogging about it. I’m not new to blogging (either personally or professionally) and I rather enjoy writing. But somewhere between reading Marie Kondo’s books and starting to tidy up using her methods, it just hit me: I want to write.  As I continued tidying, ideas continued to flow (and still are) and here I am.

I don’t know if writing is my “life’s purpose”.  I don’t know if this blog has anything to do with it, either.  But that’s part of the joy, I think.  It’s OK not to know what’s next, as long as you’re open to it.  I love that I can already look back and see how a series of events led me to this desk, typing away today.

Going to church more regularly, joining a small group and committing to more to quiet time with God led me to think about the STUFF I own in a different way.  It led me to horror at how many material things I want and/or long for, and to a stark realization of just how much I already had compared to most of the WORLD.

americas poor still live better than most of humanity
Photo taken in St. Thomas, USVI

It led me to de-clutter and start telling people what I was doing, which led people to tell me about Marie Kondo’s books.  Her books led me to continue purging and keep learning what “simple” and “enough” really look like for me, which led me to re-discover the joy that writing brings.  And that’s only where I am in the chain of events today! How exciting that there’s more ahead; more to uncover, more to learn, more to change and more growth to come.

Did you know that the human brain never stops maturing?  God created it that way.  I just love that.  It makes me think of “failures” in a different way.  We are going to screw up and get things wrong, but if we’re open to it, we can ALWAYS grow and change.  Until the day we die, because our brains have the capacity for more until then.  I don’t mean this in a perfectionist way, but in a messy, open-to-the-Lord’s-leading, He’s more, I’m less kind of a way.  Throwing our hands in the air and declaring “Your Will be done, not mine”, embracing the mess, and listening for the still small voice that beckons us onward and upward.  I hope I do an OK job of that at the end of the day

live each day with a thankful heart
Photo taken in Naples, Florida

For now, all I have is today. So in this moment, the gift of TODAY, I’m thankful for the good, bad and the ugly that got me where I am in this moment.  Today, I’m excitedly standing with my arms open, full of hope for what’s to come.



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