Choosing Clothes that Spark Joy

If you’re following KonMari’s method of tidying, the category you begin with is CLOTHES. This includes clothes, undergarments, socks, shoes, and handbags.

I’m pretty diligent about purging clothes every so often.  But in my pursuit of less stuff, it was HIGHLY bothersome that my side of our master bedroom closet was full, AND I had a whole bunch of other stuff in the guest room closet.  One of my goals was to ONLY have clothes in my half of our closet.  I was nervous to begin.  Nonetheless, I pulled everything out of every closet and drawer.

all clothes on the floor
Oh, the joy!!

At first, I wasn’t sure if I would be able to tell which items sparked joy.  And the truth is, it was a little confusing in the beginning.  But as promised in the book, the more you do this, the more you “hone” your ability to decide what things spark joy in you.


Ladies, level with me here.  I had a LOT of clothes in my closet(s) that did not fit anymore. I’ve been working hard to lose some weight, and I’d been holding onto a TON of stuff thinking it would be a waste to get rid of it.  I practically had a whole wardrobe for when I got back to the size I used to be.  But you know what?  Almost every single item of clothing that didn’t fit went in the donate pile.  NONE OF THEM SPARKED JOY.  They were just reminders that I had failed at reaching my goal, that I wasn’t thin enough, etc etc.  I realized that they were holding me back from loving who I am TODAY, RIGHT NOW.  More importantly–from feeling GOD’S love for me just as I am.  How silly that a piece of clothing had that power over me!!

donation piles
My donation piles.  Need a hanger, anyone?

I can’t tell you how freeing it felt to let go of those things and only keep things that I really love to wear.  I gave away probably a little over half of my wardrobe. Possibly more.

In all honesty, I was still a little nervous about what I had left (or more like what I WOULDN’T have left!).  But let me assure you…when I saw that all the clothes I chose to keep fit perfectly in my side of the closet…I was so happy!

And again, even though I gave away a TON of clothes when I did this (about a month and a half ago), I have realized in the time since: I STILL HAVE MORE THAN ENOUGH!  I’m also pretty sure I ended up keeping a few things that don’t really spark joy–but the more I go through this process, the easier it is to identify those things, express gratitude for them and let them go.

One of the more surprising things about this is it’s SOOOO much easier to get dressed in the morning.  I can’t tell you how many times I’d stood there, looking at all the clothes I used to have (including the stuff that didn’t fit anymore) and thinking how I had nothing to wear.  Now, if I want to wear a light sweater, I have 5-6 choices, know they all fit, and I love each one of them.  It’s delightful.  Truly.

minimalist quote
Photo Credit: Joshua Becker of Becoming Minimalist

Truer words may never have been spoken.  Ready for the “after” shot in my closet?  I took this photo today.

Closet After
It still makes me so happy to walk in here!

Next category I’ll tackle: BOOKS!!



2 thoughts on “Choosing Clothes that Spark Joy

    1. Thanks! Trust me…this was the scariest part (probably because it’s the first category!) I was afraid I’d have nothing left, but as you can see, I didn’t. And I’ve given away at least 3 more bags of clothing since this photo was taken. 🙂

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